Dusk at Porthgain, Pembrokeshire. Pencil sketch, Rob Hedge

Dusk at Porthgain, Pembrokeshire

A sketch to reflect a mood. Dusk falls over Porthgain harbour, a place as fine as any to watch the sun sink. It leaves a westerly smudge. The brick hoppers stand sentinel, but they are empty now. Holidaymakers and fishermen hunch up against the evening breeze, and watch the light fade, willing it to hold a little longer.

It’ll be a long, cold night.


One thought on “Dusk

  1. Nice. I have two degrees in archaeology from UQ, and now I paint pictures for fun. Some are of boats, mostly Barry Scollay (Scotland – hydrolics engeneer) photos. I have them on http://www.theartstack.com If you haven’t heard of it, it is a free social media pictures sharing site, great for people like me who like to share our pics. If you have time, have a look. Cheers Griffith Young


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