Inktober is an annual drawing challenge: a drawing a day, throughout October, following a particular set of prompts. This year, I followed Dr Katherine Cook’s archink series, each the title of an archaeology-related book. Some of the sketches discuss the books themselves, others explore concepts or objects loosely inspired by the title, related to my work and research.

I hope you find them interesting and/or informative. If you’d like to use or adapt any for your own purposes, feel free. You can save images from the gallery below, or scroll to the foot of the post to download a PDF of them all. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

One thought on “inktober

  1. Hi Rob,

    I have enjoyed reading and admiring your Inktober thoughts and doodles. You are indeed a talented illustrator, your work is visually appealing, drawing the reader in very gently.

    In lieu of our always interesting chats in our basement hideaway, this has been a refreshing “conversation”, as always when talking to you (or rather listening) I learn new things, or see familiar things from a new angle – this exchange has always been a delightful experience in the Finds room.

    Please don’t think this is sycophantic flattery on my part, I am always genuinely interested in what you teach me, just by chatting away.

    I love the story of Henry Jetto, and find its juxtaposition beside the arrant nonsense spouted by johnson in Italy particularly telling.

    The problem with what he said is that even nonsense sounds plausible when presented in a pushy, boisterous manner and spoken in a plummy, “upper class” accent, and is further compounded by the sad fact that the majority of his audience will know no different, thus believing it to be The Gospel According to Alexander Boris.

    Anyhoo, enough. Suffice to say that I’ve very much enjoyed your thoughts and your Inktober artworks. I have another friend who turned out an amusing cartoon every day for Inktober too. I’m surrounded by talent!

    All the best with the PhD, and everything else (including snatching some sleep!) and I hope to see you as a passing ship in the night at some point.

    Cheers m’dear,


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